Automotive Solutions

We Deliver Exceptional Products and Tailor-made Automotive Solutions Around The World

First Response

We provide360 automotive services with everything form minor accident reporting, car service, maintenance, car wash, car detailing, car inspection, registration renewal and roadside assistance


Full drive rem-manufacturing support and customized solutions that minimize downtime and maximize ease of installation

Complete Vehicle Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

Full "Drop In Ready" Service

Maintenance Services

We provide full Preventative and Reactive maintenance service

Smart Fleet Solutions

Spot cost inefficiencies, track your fleet's maintenance and routes traveled to achieve cost-effective fuel efficiency and much more

Automotive Spare Parts and Components

We offer high-quality spare parts for all makes and models, ensuring genuine OEM quality. With our continuous quality control measures and extensive OWS international network of suppliers and strategic partners, we have established ourselves as one of the largest spare parts suppliers in the MENA region.