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Military Maintenance Support

Maintenance support plays a crucial role in enhancing and maintaining the operational readiness of weapon systems and material systems. It ensures that there is an adequate supply of high-quality materials that are fit for use. Maintenance activities involve keeping the equipment in good working condition, restoring it to a functional state, and enhancing its performance and reliability. Given the scarcity of replacement equipment in a battlefield, repairing and reissuing an item is often the most efficient way to make it available for use.

Brand Representation / Support

Our representative office serves as an extension of your current business, providing a selective network that serves as an effective marketing and promotional tool. This enables you to establish a presence in the rapidly expanding UAE market while receiving comprehensive support from our team. Our initial brand representation is Granton Bus and Coach Co LTD, hailing from China.

Spare Part Trading

Our company offers a wide variety of spare parts for the Abu Dhabi armed forces, including combat cars, BVP, and other military vehicles. We specialize in providing high-quality spare parts for wheeled and tracked military vehicles, ranging from combat cars to trucks. Our products are known for their exceptional reliability and durability, ensuring that the military technic is always in top condition.