Full Re-manufacturing support and customized solutions that minimize downtime and maximize ease of installation

  • Ability to ramp up and down based on demand
  • Programs managed at client workshop
  • Full utilization of established drive train re-manufacturing capabilities
  • Proven track record around the world
  • Fastest / least expensive to increase capacity for wheeled and tracked vehicles
  • All makes / All Models
  • Major components / ancillary components
  • Tailor made solutions for Reset / SLEP programs
  • HMMWV Power Pack as an example

Re-Manufacturing Advatages

  • Speed And Quality
    • Our process includes incorporating all original equipment upgrades since the production date, as well as addressing any known infant failure modes through design corrections. Additionally, we are able to re-manufacture components within 24 hours, which significantly improves mission readiness compared to the challenges of global sourcing and logistics.
  • Local And Environmental
    • We are utilizing a technology transfer methodology to establish plant(s) in the UAE. Our focus is on re-manufacturing, which consumes 85% less energy than producing new components, and reduces local landfill use by 70%.
  • Integration And Updates
    • Our coordination with complete vehicle refurbishment programs is seamless, allowing for upgrades in power, torque, durability, and design